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Meg Madden
Professional photographer, naturalist, mycologist. Myco influencer & educator.


On most days Meg can be found in the forests of her childhood practicing what she calls "mushroom yoga": laying on the ground, standing on her head, balancing precariously on a log, or in any number of awkward positions to capture the perfect snail's-eye view of her favorite photo subject - fungi! Her colorful, highly detailed mushroom portraits offer an intimate look into the often overlooked world of these extraordinary organisms. Inspired by the belief that people are more likely to take care of something they love, Meg finds great joy in facilitating fun and meaningful connections between humans and nature. Meg shares her knowledge and contagious passion for the fantastic world of fungi through visually engaging presentations, mushroom walks, community science projects such as BioBlitzes, and via her Instagram gallery @megmaddendesign.



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