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Photo Cards

On the back of each OuiSi Nature Photo Card you’ll find a QR code and a card number. Simply scan the QR code with your phone or tablet to learn more about the photograph.

You can also check out the Photo Cards page to explore all the photos at once.

Feel free to search photo cards by number below. 

OuiSi Nature - Photographers

Our Photographers

Meet the photographers behind OuiSi Nature!

Learn about the 16 artists we worked with to capture the beauty of our planet.


Explore all the ways to play — all in one place

Spark creative thinking and visual connections with this round-up of all the games, activities, and styles of play we’ve figured out so far. Check back often for new stuff!

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OuiSi - How To Videos - Photo by Karolina Grabowska


Watch and learn with OuiSi video tutorials

See new ways of engaging and connecting with explainer videos from Team OuiSi.

Expand your OuiSi world!

Shake up your visual connections by adding a new photo cards into the mix. All versions of OuiSi Photo Card sets can be played interchangeably.

OuiSi Original

OuiSi Original

OuiSi Nature

OuiSi Nature

OuiSi Nature

OuiSi x Getty

OuiSi Connections

Uncover new games of visual connection and creative ways to use your photo-cards in these blog posts from Team OuiSi and our global community.

Pandemic Problem Solving

“How will we provide authentic learning experiences through a screen? How will we respond to social and emotional needs if we are teaching remotely? How will I work and simultaneously help my child learn remotely?”

A Morning Meeting in our Responsive Classroom

Any day you happen into a classroom at my school, you will find a Morning-Meeting message board to greet eager learners. Morning Meetings are part of the Responsive Classroom approach, which is a student-centered, social-emotional learning method. 

Explore with Games of Mindful Curiosity

The following activities are games of mindful curiosity. With a little imagination added in, they can help turn your surroundings (e.g. at home or on a walk) into a treasure trove of small marvels.