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Fruit of the Ribbed Fringepod
Thysanocarpus radians


Red Hills, CA, USA




The fruits of this plant remind me of a radiating star, but the veins are supportive structures that help keep the disc structurally strong after it dries and blows away in the wind, this plant's method of dispersal. I think it is great that people seem tuned to see beauty in the patterns of nature. Many fascinating things like the fruits of Thysanocarpus are very small and could easily be missed by a passerby, so I think it is important to sit down in a field now and then and take a close look at the plants and other creatures that can be found all around you. Then you will spot the little beautiful patterns in nature.

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Matt Berger
Biodiversity fanatic. I find things. 12,000+ miles backpacked. Botanist. Plant, fungi and critter enthusiast
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