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Green Turtle
Chelonia mydas


Gili Trawangan, Indonesia




This green turtle cruises through the blue water off Gili Trawangan. On most dive sites around the world, spotting turtles is a rare treat but in the Gili islands, they are the stars of every dive. The Gili Islands are home to a huge abundance of turtles, both green and the endangered hawksbill. It is a sanctuary for these beautiful creatures and provides ideal nesting locations as well as stunning habitats for them to live. The Gili Eco trust does an incredible job at protecting the turtle nests and ensures every one of those tiny turtles makes its way out into the ocean undisturbed by tourists or poachers. Their team of enthusiastic eco-warriors also works to ensure the Gili islands remain a safe place for turtles to live by offering alternatives to plastic straws, organising weekly beach clean-ups and initiating a zero waste campaign to cut down the plastic pollution surrounding these beautiful waters.

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Inka Cresswell
Wildlife Filmmaker, B.Sc. Marine Biologist, Underwater Photographer / Researcher, Rebreather/Tech Diver, HSE Media Diver
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