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Inae Guion
Biologist, Researcher, Visual Storyteller


Inaê Guion is a scientist and storyteller whose work focuses on the intersection between humans, nature and conservation. With over a decade of experience as a researcher, field explorer and photographer, she addresses topics on wild animals conservation, human-wildlife coexistence, traditional peoples, climate change and environmental justice. Born and based in Brazil, Inaê holds a Bachelor's in Biology, a Master's in Science with an emphasis on Ecology and Conservation of Wild Mammals, and a Ph.D. in Applied Ecology with emphasis on Marine Mammals. She also works as an environmental consultant for wildlife monitoring programs in tropical waters and forests, and as an expedition and underwater photographer. Driven by a deep consciousness of environmental and social justice and a will to explore the natural world, she infuses her curiosity and passion for the great outdoors into her work as a researcher, combining science and visual storytelling through photography and film. She hopes to share meaningful and thought-provoking stories that spark interest and understanding about our rapidly changing world.



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