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Sori on a Polystichum Munitum Frond
Polystichum munitum


Humboldt County, CA, USA




Ferns are well known and appreciated for their very divided fronds that usually have a distinct "ferny" look. While I love looking at a good fern, I always flip the frond over to check for sori (spore bearing structures) which are found on the bottom of mature fronds and are usually a rusty brown or orange color. They are usually very symmetrically arranged on the fronds and add a whole new level of beauty to them! These sori are also useful in identifying specific species of ferns. I urge you to flip over the fronds of any ferns you find to see if you can find the sori!

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Matt Berger
Biodiversity fanatic. I find things. 12,000+ miles backpacked. Botanist. Plant, fungi and critter enthusiast
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